HealthCare Provider Counselling

The Health Service Industry represents a wide range of professions, such as nursing, therapists, care-aids, doctors, health technicians. Some provide safety for us and our families, some restore health and wellness, and some provide care of those in need. The common thread in each of these professions is “taking care of others”. Most people chose these careers because they truly love this aspect of helping and making a real difference and yet, it has become entirely common for people in these industries to experience their own health crisis, apathy, career turmoil, and burn out.

My Own Crisis as a Health Service Provider

Working in health care for over three decades, with the final seventeen years as a Recreation Therapist working in Mental Health, I too experienced a crisis at work. I woke up one day to realize that I had absolutely lost my enthusiasm and natural caring for my work. I had lost my desire for giving but more than that, I had become chronically unhappy, detached, resentful and shut down. I found that all areas of my life were impacted. I had stopped listening, stopped taking good care of myself, and my passion to make a difference in others lives was missing. I had lost so much; I felt like I was running on empty and had lost my sense of balance.

Learn to Love Helping Others Again

What I have come to learn is that our traditional training does not help us to understand the full impact of how much energy and balance is required to take care of the needs of others. When we give and give and do not give to self, our spiritual, physical, and mental health deteriorate. We start to resent the very reason we went into the field of our heart’s desire and while continuing with the empty shell of compassion, what we are actually giving is burnout and resentment.

Tipping the scales of giving until you’re depleted no longer serves you, your colleagues or your clients. Giving and receiving with balance and grace is something that does not come naturally to most of us caretakers. Finding this balance in your life and redefining yourself in your role is possible! This is crucial in finding freedom, new vitality and deeper meaning for the work you once loved! Together, we can help work to reignite your passion to truly embrace your work and life again.

Lana Gowler

Lana Gowler, Registered and Master Therapeutic Counsellor

James Motherwell, Rainforest Counselling Associate

James Motherwell, Associate Counsellor, Registered Therapeutic Counsellor